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Published: 25 June 2012

Hear from those who have worked with the team to improve the system

James Harrison, GUSRC VP (Learning and Development) James Harrison, GUSRC VP (Learning and Development) – “We appreciate the involvement that the SRC has had with bringing changes to MyCampus over the past year.  At the start of the year we had Vice Principal Frank Coton consult with our council on what changes we wanted to see, and following that we have had regular meeting with the team to consult on issues.  From things such as a colour coded timetable, to the removal of the "shopping cart", we think the students have made a valuable contribution.”

Karen McIlvaney, Senior Administrator in the School of Engineering Teaching Office – “The timing of MyCampus being launched so close to a major re-organisation was not ideal for most parts of the University. From an administrative perspective in Engineering the timing was beneficial. Here four departments have merged to form one School and MyCampus has been a very useful tool to collate all essential teaching information onto one system, from many other places, that multiple users have easy access to.”

Amy Johnson, GUSRC VP (Student Support)Amy Johnson, GUSRC VP (Student Support) – “We have worked closely with the MyCampus team to ensure that the software is extensively tested by students. We successfully asked for academic registration and enrolment to be completed even when financial registration is not finished which will hopefully help overcome some of the difficulty faced during registration and enrolment previously/last year.”

Linda Atkinson,Teaching Administrator - “As a new member of staff to the university, my experience with MyCampus is an ongoing learning one!  One of my remits is to become the MyCampus ‘go-to’ person for my Institute therefore I think I have attended practically every SLSD training course possible.  The SLSD team have been great with my seemingly never-ending questions.  From being very unsure about the system, I am slowly beginning to get to grips with it and I hope to have even more of a handle on it by the time the new students arrive in September.  ”

Gintare Masiulyte Gintarė Masiulytė, 2nd year student who tested the changes – “MyCampus testing was a chance to get involved in developing the system and evaluate its usefulness in learning process. It is extremely important to develop support for that to ensure that students get the best university experience while doing their degree at the University of Glasgow.”


First published: 25 June 2012

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