Amateur sleuths required to track down a valuable object

Published: 19 January 2012

Hopefully the recent Sherlock Holmes TV mini-series will have given staff a taste for a mystery, because DAO need your help...

An esteemed visitor to No 2 The Square - one of our major donors - spotted the fireplace there and told us that it is inlayed with Dutch delft tiles.  Our guest is really interested in this style and remembers seeing a larger one somewhere else in the University.  Of course the Development Office staff would be keen to track this down...

It seems to be a bit of a mystery, as many inquiries have been made and no-one so far has any idea where it could be! Does anyone know if such a fireplace exists, and if so, can you tell us where?

Please contact Laura Morton in the Development & Alumni Office, on ext 3878, or email: 



First published: 19 January 2012

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