Telephone update

Published: 22 August 2012

The university continues to upgrade the telephone system.

As many of you are aware, the University continues to upgrade the phone system.  To date, 2000 handsets have now been migrated over to the new system across 20 buildings on campus.

The project will continue throughout the remainder of 2012 with plans for the following buildings to be migrated:

Estates and Buildings

Graham Kerr

George Service House

Joseph Black (minus cell biology)

James Watt south


Professors' Square Buildings


West Medical Building

This schedule has been developed to minimise disruption to staff and students and may be adjusted if there is potential to further reduce impact by aligning the rollout with other developments in specific areas of the university.

An email with notification of the changeover date will be sent to staff in each of the buildings prior to the change. Information will be available showing staff who receive a new handset how to use it and also how to activate and manage voicemail.

Please note that not all staff will receive a new handset in this rollout.  This is because new handsets require network connections and in some buildings, cabling difficulties mean there are a limited number of network connections.  Until these difficulties can be overcome, some staff will retain analogue handsets.  There is also a restriction on purchasing third part devices (headsets etc.) while the rollout is ongoing.  Any requests should be made through

For more information and to see the phone and its features, go to

First published: 22 August 2012

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