Student lifecycle project update

Published: 13 April 2012

The project team provide an update on the developments to the MyCampus system

The latest monthly board meeting of the Student Lifecycle Project was held on 2 April. A lot of work is going on to develop and test MyCampus and to ensure that training is available and being taken up by those who will be using the system.

A number of improvements to the system have now been agreed and are in development, especially in relation to registration and enrolment, including how to deal with curriculum clashes – which were the key issues identified from last year.

An independent technical audit from Deloittes has given the Board strong assurance regarding the capacity of the University’s IT network to handle MyCampus and the rigorous approach to local  configuration of the software so that system performance will not be compromised.  The Board will continue to closely monitor and consider performance to ensure that it will be satisfactory at peak times this summer.

One point that the board considered was the need to upgrade some PCs to ensure the system runs smoothly. Guidance will be published by the end of April on the recommended workstation hardware specification.  This configuration should be referred to when new equipment is being procured or older workstations upgraded.

Specialist User and College / University Services Liaison Groups are now up and running, with initial meetings being instrumental in defining the requirements for registration and enrolment enhancements. Through the Sharepoint sites established for these groups we hope to enable sufficient information to be available to members and provide a mechanism for feedback and questions to be raised.  

As we reported in the last edition of e-news, training will be vital to the successful delivery of MyCampus and a detailed training calendar will be published by the end of April. This will include refresher training as well as courses for new users and colleagues are strongly urged to participate in the training relevant to their roles.

Whilst it is obviously hoped that we can avoid the difficulties of last year, we recognise that there will still be students who will need additional assistance through the registration and enrolment process. To respond to this an enhanced front line support team is being recruited and all will be fully trained before registration and enrolment starts. Full details on how this team  will operate and which issues will be handled centrally or locally will be outlined in future campus e-news editions and on the SLP website.

First published: 13 April 2012

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