New Health & Safety e-Induction

Issued: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 11:51:00 BST

Health, Safety & Wellbeing have recently launched their new e-Induction which can be found at

We are hoping this will make health and safety induction a more accessible and flexible process, avoiding the need for as many people to attend a formal half-day lecture-style induction course as has been the case with past induction programmes. However, we recognise that for some staff groups, an e-induction is maybe not suitable and we will still be offering classroom inductions or other suitable alternatives for those employees, where necessary.

On visiting the link, you will find several pages of information, along with a link to a multiple-choice quiz in Moodle to be completed when you’ve finished reading the induction material – this helps us know that people taking part have understood the induction information and that the questions are relevant to the material. As far as possible, we have tried to focus on the subjects that we feel all employees should be aware of -but you may find some that you don’t believe to be relevant to your particular work. In these cases, the information may instead have been included to let you know about the role of the different professional teams within Health, Safety & Wellbeing.

Whilst the induction is now mandatory for all new members of staff, and for staff changing their role within the University, we are also encouraging all existing members of staff to take part in the process, since it may have been some time since they last received a health and safety induction. 

If you do complete the induction, we would welcome feedback on how you found the process overall, and also in comparison to any lecture-style of induction you may have attended in the past. Any comments can be sent to


We hope you find the process simple and helpful, and that you will let us know if not!

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