Access to MyCampus

Access to MyCampus for staff is managed through various security roles and permissions which enable users to perform transactions and view data in line with their job roles. Below you will find information on how to gain access to the various parts of system.

General, Read Only Access

General, Read Only Access to MyCampus is available to all staff users and is dependant on a 100% pass in the MyCampus Fundamentals Moodle Quiz. This is the minimum training expectation for all users. More information can be found here

General, Read Only Access no longer requires the completion of an access form. Your access will automatically be updated within 2 working days of completing the Moodle Quiz; our infrastructure team will notify you when your access has been updated.

Student Financials Access

Access to certain Student Financials functions are strictly dependant on attendance at training. Due to the current remote working advice, training sessions are currenly carried out virtually on Microsoft Teams on an adhoc basis. 

Please contact to register your interest in Student Financials access and training. Our trainer will be in touch to discuss options.

Following succesful competion of any MyCampus Finance training, you will be sent an access request form that must be signed by the budget holder and returned to MSDI in order to gain access.

Student Records Access

The Functions and Associated Training document will help you establish what access you require to fulfil your role and the training required for that access. Staff wishing to attend any of the MyCampus Student Records training sessions should proceed to HR Core, select Learning and Development and select MyCampus Student Records from the category drop down menu. 

You will find an overview of the available training sessions here. Please be advised that your training request must be approved by your Line Manager - this is done through HR Core.

Please contact with any questions related to Student Records access and training. 

Academic Advising Access

For access to adviser of studies functions, you can sign up to training via HR Core—alternatively if you have completed local training with a colleague and feel confident with the processes, please complete the MyCampus Access Form, have it authorised by the relevant approver and your access can be updated.

Admissions Access

To receive access to admissions functions, please complete the MyCampus Access Form Student Admissions section and submit to the Head of Admissions for approval.