Users Charter

The Charter is a summary of your rights and responsibilities as a library user. It will help you to make best use of our services, facilities and collections.

  • Students and staff should use their university ID card to access the library. All other members should use their library card. You will not be able to access the building without it.
  • As a library member, you have access to our collections, facilities, services and support.
  • The library should be a safe place to study. You should be treated with respect by others using or working in the building, and you should also treat them with respect.
  • You should not ‘desk hog’ or leave items at study spaces to reserve them. Please be considerate of other students and help us make sure as many people as possible can study in the building.
  • This building and the associated services, collections and facilities are for the entire university community. By working together and being considerate of each other we can make the most of the opportunities this presents.