Fee Schedule for the reproduction of University of Glasgow Library information

Licensing and charging policies

Within Publications

The Library will not charge for permission to publish images it supplies within publications, print, electronic or online, where the publication is either:

  • openly accessible and freely available
  • if sold has an expected combined print and e-book/e-subscription volume of up to and including 10,000 copies
  • or is a newspaper

Other uses

The Library will charge a fee where images are used:

  • on the cover of a book
  • or in trade or high-volume print-runs (above 10,000) 

The Library will not charge for permission to include images it supplies in television broadcasts or films (scheduled or on demand).

The Library will not usually charge for display of its images in exhibitions but will charge where the image is used to market an exhibition that visitors must pay to attend.

Conditions of use

Unless used under a copyright exception or licensed under a Creative Commons licence, anyone wishing to use an image supplied by the Library must submit a formal request and agree to the Library’s terms and conditions of use. Users must also clear any copyright in the original material if this is necessary for publication or use.

Research Charges

Research to select images for publications or broadcasts is charged at £50 + VAT per hour.

Research charges will apply

  • When any material is to be selected by Library staff
  • On all general and speculative requests
  • When accurate reference number is not given, and a document search is required

Reproduction fees

Where fees apply, they are as follows: One Country
One Language
World Rights
One Language
World Rights
All Languages
Books, Partworks, Periodicals (including e-publications)      
Full page £60 £100 £120
Up to half page £30 £50 £60
Covers of all physical formats eg. book & audio book jackets; dvd, vinyl etc £120 £180 £240
Exhibition marketing eg. posters, leaflets etc £60 £60 £60

Please note:

  • VAT at 20% must be paid on top of these prices, where applicable
  • All print rates are for one edition only, non-exclusive rights. Subsequent editions and reprints require an additional payment

Merchandise and commercial products

For example, mugs, keyrings, tea towels, cards, scarves, facsimile editions etc. Please contact the Library by e-mailing library-asc@glasgow.ac.uk.


Hire of space for filming £100+ VAT per hour.