Who can help you?

Your subject area should be the first point of contact – you could speak to:

  • your lecturer
  • your tutor or lab leader
  • your Adviser of Studies (undergraduate students)
  • your supervisor (postgraduate students)

They will be able to give you advice about referencing and good academic practice in the context of the course and subject you are studying.

Do NOT rely on hearsay or information from friends; misunderstanding the rules will not be considered an acceptable excuse for plagiarism.

LEADS also offer a range of classes and one-to-one appointments to support your learning. 

The Library offers an extensive list of referencing guides, and you can also book appointments with your College support team to get advice and guidance.

The SRC Advice Centre can give you advice if you have been accused of plagiarism. The SRC can assist you in a number of ways, including:

  • helping you understand the plagiarism allegation
  • guiding you on writing a personal statement prior to a hearing
  • accompanying you and/or representing you at any meeting with the School or Senate Assessors for Student Conduct
  • explaining the Plagiarism Statement
  • pointing you towards other sources of help