Programme Co-ordinator, Dr Andrew Struan, explains the benefits and the process of the AWSP

Programme Co-ordinator - Dr Andrew Struan

In his capacity as Writing and Study Skills Co-ordinator, Andrew runs the AWSP. To discuss the AWSP, get in touch

Areas of responsibility

In addition to the AWSP, Andrew manages the team of Effective Learning Advisers and LEADS Graduate Teaching Assistants; he also co-ordinates the Royal Literary Fund (RLF) Fellows working in LEADS. He works across all four Colleges in the delivery of student writing and academic skills development. Andrew teaches academic development, academic writing and dissertation research/methodology across the College of Arts and the College of Social Sciences.

Academic background

Andrew has an MA, an MPhil (by Research) and a PhD in political history from the University of Glasgow. After completing his PhD, he left Glasgow to become a lecturer in Ireland, and also worked as the Gilder-Lehrman Research Fellow at the University of Virginia. Andrew has worked in student learning since 2012; he is co-Chair of ScotHELD, the Scottish Higher Education Learning Developers' association, is co-ordinator of the Academic Writing Skills Programme (AWSP), and jointly co-ordinates Let's Talk About [X] and co-edits [X]position.