How do I get better at assessment?

Assessments are like anything else in your life: the more you understand them and the more you practice them, the better you get.

Begin with some research...

Find out:

  1. What method of assessment will you have to complete and have I tried it before?
  2. How long or big is it (in time, word-length or other measure)?
  3. What are the rules (referencing style, silence or not, seen or unseen etc)?
  4. Is the assessment formative or summative (or both)?
  5. What is the deadline?

Once you know these basic facts...

Ask yourself:

  1. What are they asking me to demonstrate?
  2. What do I already know about this?
  3. Where can I find out more?
  4. What is the best way for me to prepare/practice for this assessment?

When you have the answers to all these questions and you can prepare through practice problems, revision, writing drafts, or similar. If you need some help with this, get in contact with the student-facing staff in LEADS.

After the assessment...

Ask yourself:

  1. What went well and how can I make sure I do this again next time?
  2. What didn’t go so well and what could I do to improve next time?
  3. What does the feedback I received tell me about how to do better next time?

Make sure you apply what you learn to your next assessment, otherwise you will have wasted all that effort.

Getting in contact

The student-facing staff in LEADS can help you to understand the assessment you will be taking and how to prepare effectively for it.

Have a look here to find the Learning Adviser for your College and to book a one-to-one appointment.