Assessment and feedback materials

The resources below are collected from the case studies of good practice in assessment and feedback at the University, and will be updated regularly as we expand our database. If you would like to recommend a resource to be featured in the Toolkit, please get in touch through the contact section.

Marking forms and rubrics

Marking forms act as guidelines for grading student performance on assignments, and can be used to streamline the grading process and ensure consistency in the feedback given to students. Rubrics act as useful guides for grading assessments and communicating expectations to students in advance.


Generic feedback

It can be helpful to offer markers generic feedback which can be used for speeding up the marking process. Giving students examples of feedback beforehand can also give them a bit of confidence in what to expect and the help them identify areas where everyone struggles.



Exemplars give students an opportunity to review examples of the type of content they are supposed to submit. Exemplars can take many forms and can showcase work of different grade bands to clarify the standard required at each grade category.