Enhancing Assessment and Feedback

The University of Glasgow Leading Enhancement in Assessment and Feedback (LEAF) initiative identified the need for clear objectives in Assessment and Feedback design across the University. Motivated by this demand, and taking inspiration from existing research in Higher Education, we have developed the Five Principles for Assessment and Feedback for Learning. The goal of the design was to ‘develop a set of simple practice-oriented principles based on research that specify but do not over-specify what needs to be done’ (Nicol & Draper, 2009). The Principles are intended to be aspirational, and will serve as a benchmark for Assessment and Feedback design across the University.

The Principles of Assessment and Feedback for Learning

Assessment and feedback for learning should...

The Principles of enhancing assessment and feedback relate closely to similar initiatives undertaken at several leading Higher Education institutions. The Principles have been adapted for the University of Glasgow to reflect our individual direction for growth, but they remain grounded in existing research on best-practice in assessment and feedback.