Accessing, Editing and Viewing Recordings in Zoom

Your choice of how to administer and schedule your course’s teaching sessions will depend on which staff will need access to the video recording and to the transcript. Please also read Scheduling live sessions for more advice on this.

Starting a recording

A Host, Co-Host, or Alternate Host can start recording in a Zoom meeting.

Read more about these definitions and the differences between roles in a Zoom meeting.

Storing recordings

Recordings can be stored in the cloud or locally (not recommended).

Cloud recordings are stored in the Zoom account of whoever held the role of Host at the start of the session. Unless using Alternative Hosts, this will be whoever started the meeting. Transferring the role of Host to another participant after the meeting starts and before recording will not change this.

You can also store your Zoom recordings automatically in Echo360. To set this up, log in to Echo360. Go to Account Settings, Zoom Settings and tick the Automatically copy Zoom recording to Echo360 checkbox.

The role of Alternate Host can be assigned when setting up a session, which can be useful for staff in a teaching team. An Alternate Host will be able to start a Zoom and let students enter. However, as they were not in the role of Host, recordings will not be stored in their account. The Host will always receive any cloud recording irrespective of whoever actually presses the Record button.

Local recordings are stored on your own computer and can be uploaded later. We do not recommend this as you will not be able to get an automated transcript of the recording.

Recordings: ownership and editing access

Host only (not Alternate Hosts or Co-Hosts).

Access is from within the Recordings tab in their Zoom account at If you have set up your Zoom recordings to automatically upload to Echo360, you can access them in your Echo360 account too.

Transcripts: ownership and editing access

Host only (not Alternate Hosts or Co-Hosts).

Access is from the video playback interface. Hover over a transcript, and click the pencil icon to edit.

Viewing access to the recordings

  • Host
  • Anyone the Host sends a viewing link to
  • Anyone who set up the session on the Host’s behalf using Scheduling Privileges. Access for this person will be via an email notification once the recording is ready. It will not be listed in their own Zoom account.


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