Upload files to Office 365

  • Only upload files that you are currently working on as a priority

H Drive

Upload your files to OneDrive  

You can do this now

If you are using a desktop H drive on SSD, go to OneDrive and create a new folder e.g. called “moved from H” and upload the files you are currently working on. From now on, use OneDrive.

Move your files. Do not use the OneDrive Sync client to sync UofG files to personally owned devices.

J Drive

Upload shared files to Teams

Discuss with your colleagues first!

If you are using a desktop J drive, then move currently active files to Teams.

  • If you do not already have a Team in Microsoft Teams, agree who will create one, e.g. the team manager, or someone who has already been using Teams. This person will be the Team owner.
  • Add a second owner, and add other colleagues as members.
  • A team owner in Manage Team, can create a new channel called e.g. “moved from J”.
  • On the new channel, go to files tab. Select “Open in SharePoint” and upload the files that the teams are currently working on. From now on, use Teams.

Please note

  • Prioritise moving files you are currently using. Don’t try to upload the whole J drive. 
  • You can upload folders, however try avoid deep layers of “nested” folders.
  • Do not try to upload an Access database as this cannot be used in the cloud.
  • Some characters may not be supported.
    Find out more about invalid file names and file types from Microsoft