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Glasgow Incunabula Project: welcome

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Welcome to the Glasgow Incunabula Project - a long-term University of Glasgow Library Special Collections project, which came into being in the Spring of 2009.

The Project has two main aims. Firstly, to produce for the first time a separate, stand-alone catalogue of the 1,000 plus incunabula in the University of Glasgow Library and other Glasgow institutions in the form of an electronic catalogue published on the University Library’s website. Secondly, building on the data contained in the Web Catalogue, to undertake a complete revision of the present records for University incunabula scattered throughout the Library’s main online catalogue, many of which – produced nearly a century ago – now show deficiencies and inaccuracies.

Please note:  the preparation of entries for the Web Catalogue is ongoing, and the website is a work in progress. Records for all 1061 incunabula have now been added although revisions and amendments to records are still being regularly made. See the library blog for updates. We would still be glad to receive your comments and suggestions; further corrections and additions are also welcome since a work of this nature can never be perfect or complete. The indexes to the Web Catalogue, of course, only relate to work done so far and the introductory sections are provisional (the section on the history of the collections, for example, will only be completed at the end of the Project).

Please contact the following Project staff: 

Read the introduction to the project to find out more about our collection of incunabula and the methodology used in creating this Web Catalogue.

Illuminated initials from Scriptores historiae Augustae Milan: Philippus de Lavagnia, 1475 (Sp Coll Hunterian Ds.2.6-7)