Vergilius Maro, Publius: Opera.

With the commentary of Servius.

Venice:  Andreas de Paltasichis, 1 Sept. 1488.
Fol.  π4 a–o8 p6 q–z8 &8 [con]8 [rum]8 A–B8 C6.   [232] leaves.
ISTC iv00180000; GW M49836; Goff V180=V177; BMC V355 (IB. 21928); CIBN V-131; BSB-Ink V-122.

GIP number: V23
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll  Bm2-e.3 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Leaves x2 and x7 transposed;  quires [con] and [rum] transposed.
Bound with: The first of three incunabula bound together.   Bound with:  (2) Columella, Lucius Junius Moderatus, De re rustica lib. X.  [Venice:  Printer of Cicero, 'De officiis' (H 5268*), ca. 1481-82];  (3) Statius, Publius Papinius, Achilleis.  Brescia:  Jacobus Britannicus, 21 May 1485.
Provenance: Stephen Paterson - probable owner - see provenance note for second item in volume.
Alexander McCalman - probable owner - see provenance note for second and third items in volume.
University of Glasgow:  source unknown;  not found in 'Catalogus librorum Bibliothecae Universitatis Glasguensis anno 1691' nor in A. Arthur, 'Catalogus impressorum librorum in Bibliotheca Universitatis Glasguensis', (Glasguae:  1791);  19th-century shelfmarks “CT.3.23” - as listed in an 1845 manuscript press catalogue of the library (GUL MS Lib. unnumbered) - superseded by “GT.4.18” on University Library bookplate.
Binding: Scotland, 20th-century dark green buckram (binder’s date in pencil “April, 1949” on rear pastedown);  oval gilt stamp of Glasgow College Library at foot of spine;  modern endpapers and flyleaves;  earlier sprinkled red-edging retained;  no other evidence of the earlier binding.   Size:  288 x 208 mm.
Leaf size: 278 x 195 mm.
Annotations: Frequent interlinear and marginal annotations (the latter often cropped) in various 16th/17th-century hands;  occasional underlining.
Decoration: Initials and capital strokes supplied in red throughout, many silvered (now oxidized).
Imperfections: Wanting the preliminary gathering and leaves a1-7;  tear in f6 with loss of text.

Rubrication in Vergilius Maro, Publius: Opera