Vergilius Maro, Publius: Opera.

[Venice]: Vindelinus de Spira, 1470.
Fol. [112 2-710 812 9-1110 1212 13-1410 15-168]. [162] leaves, the first blank.
ISTC iv00150000; GW M49733; Goff V150; BMC V 154 (IB. 19525); Bod-inc V-073; CIBN V-103

GIP number: V20
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian Be.2.18 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Unidentified Jesuit College: heavily washed-out inscription on 1/2r beginning (under ultraviolet light) “Collegii Jesu [...]”.
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist: source unknown.
University of Glasgow: Hunterian bequest 1807; Hunterian Museum bookplate on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “Av.1.6”.
Binding: 18th-century gold-tooled red goatskin;  covers decorated with a border formed from triple gold fillets and separate tools of a garland of flowers and a scroll;  both covers have a centre decoration composed of a stamp of two doves perched on a floral spray with a bow and quiver of arrows in the background, all set within a decorative oval frame, which in turn is surrounded by two curved olive branches tied together with a bow (untraced in Olivier or in Guigard, and perhaps a purely decorative design rather than a coat of arms);  gold-tooled spine decorated with a tool of two birds (doves?) with beaks touching, encircled by olive branches;  turquoise silk doublures bordered with a gilt roll incorporating coronets, a floral spray, and a four-winged insect with antennae (a dragonfly?);  gilt-edged leaves;  turquoise silk bookmark.  Size: 325 x 222 mm.
Leaf size:

317 x 210 mm.

Annotations: Occasional 15th/16th-century interlinear annotations (many heavily washed out).
Decoration: Principal initials supplied in red with reserved white, smaller initials in red or blue;  capitals at the beginning of each line of text stroked in red.
Imperfections: Wanting the first blank leaf.

Binding with coat of arms from Vergilius Maro, Publius: Opera