Columna, Guido de:  Historia destructionis Troiae.

[Geneva:  Jean Croquet, ca. 1480]
Fol.   a-f8 g-h6 i-n8 o6 p8.   [114] leaves (a1, p8 blank);  a2 signed "a", a3 "a2", etc.
ISTC ic00770000;  GW 7227;  Goff C770;  CIBN C-526.

GIP number: C72
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Bl7-e.3 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Pierre Thibault (16th/17th century), of Saumur:  inscription on a2r “Sum petri theobaldi hu[m]ilis mystae salmerien[sis]” followed by “P. Thibault”;  signature repeated on a1v.
University of Glasgow:  source unknown;  shelfmark “CE.6.11” on University Library bookplate matching entry in A. Arthur, Catalogus impressorum librorum in Bibliotheca Universitatis Glasguensis (Glasguae: 1791).
Binding: 16th-century calf (undecorated), evidence from nails of two fore-edge clasps (both now lost);  parchment manuscript pastedowns with text on the pasted sides only - the visible sides (originally blank except for the numbers “226” in top left-hand corner of the front pastedown and “225” in top right-hand corner of the rear pastedown) have annotations added at a later date (see Annotations).   Size:  272 x 202 mm.
Leaf size: 262 x 198 mm.
Annotations: Frequent marginal annotations, underlining and nota marks in a 16th-century hand in quires a, k, m-o;  title in a 16th-century hand ‘GVIDO DE COLVMPNIS. Troianę vrbis excidium’ on a2r;  verses transcribed in a 16th-century hand on a1r beginning ‘Tres de[a]e. Tres sumus ecce de[a]e forma se qu[a]elibet offert ...’ and ending ‘Poeta. Hac in lite triplex ho[m]i[nu]m poesis ...’ – identified as ‘Iudicium Paridis’ in Poetae latini minores recensuit et emendavit Aemilius Baehrens (Lipsiae: 1879-1883), V, p. 394;  quotation from Vergil Aeneid, I, 71-73 (‘Sunt mihi bis septem praestanti corpore ... conubio iungam stabili propriamque dicabo’) added in a 16th-century hand to front pastedown;  various versions of the title and other scribblings (including a possible – unread – signature and monogram) on p8v and on the rear pastedown.
Decoration: Five-line initial “I” supplied in red and blue and reserved white on a2v;  other initials throughout supplied in alternate red and blue (some with marginal flourishing);  paragraph marks in red or blue;  capitals lightly washed in yellow throughout.
Imperfections: Wanting n5.

Ownership inscription in Columna, Guido de: Historia destructionis Troiae