The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

How to Apply

Your point of contact at the University of Glasgow will inform you if you require an ATAS Certificate. Confirmation of your CAH3 code and a research statement will be obtained from your School and forwarded to you.

Once you have received your Research Statement, please proceed to read the guidance on making an application here:

Applications are made through the following link:

You will be presented with the question: ‘Are you a taught / research student or are you a researcher?’ Please ensure that you apply as a ‘Researcher’.

Completing the application form

Guidance on how to complete the application form can be found here:

You must ensure that you enter the Research Statement as provided by the University into the form when prompted.

Please also ensure that the information entered on the application form matches your university employment offer.

Processing Times

For researchers, the ATAS Certificate processing times are generally 2-3 weeks, though delays may occur during busy periods.

It is extremely important to apply for your ATAS Certificate as early as possible, especially if you have immigration permission in the UK which is due to expire. It is recommended that you apply at least 4 months before your current permission expires.

After you have applied

Once you have received your ATAS Certificate, please check that the details on this are correct and match your offer. If any of the details are incorrect, please contact the ATAS unit at

If all the details on the ATAS certificate are accurate, please forward a copy to your University contact. You will need to include the ATAS Certificate with your visa application documentation.

Please note that the above information is not intended to be an exhaustive overview of visa categories and requirements. Although we try to ensure that all information is accurate at the time of publishing, the general information on these pages may not fully apply to your specific circumstances and immigration rules and policies may change on short notice.
You should always refer to the Immigration Rules and UKVI Policy Guidance for the full requirements and conditions in the first instance before making an application.