How to be an Effective Mentor

Mentoring can be an effective way to develop a range of skills and enhance knowledge by connecting, sharing and broadening perspectives between staff with experience and those who are looking for development. This workshop is an introduction to mentoring for mentors and provides an opportunity to explore the roles and responsibilities as well as practice the skills necessary for effective mentoring.

This course involves pre-course reading and/or work which you should be able to complete in around 30-60 minutes.

Target Audience:

As effective mentoring happens when people are mentored by someone other than their line manager, this course is aimed solely at colleagues who are mentoring others who do not otherwise have a reporting relationship to them.  The workshop will offer an opportunity to explore the roles and responsibilities, and to practice the skills necessary, for effective mentoring. As a note, this workshop explores mentoring in general and is not specifically designed for ECDP, further information regarding mentoring within ECDP can be found at: Mentoring

During the preparation work for the workshop, and the workshop itself, there will be an opportunity to:

  • define what mentoring is and how it can contribute to development
  • understand how to establish and build a productive mentoring partnership and the roles and responsibilities of both the mentor and mentee
  • understand how to set up mentoring for success and the key factors to consider
  • understand how to structure a mentoring session
  • be aware of mentoring pitfalls, adopt tools for overcoming obstacles to successful mentoring arising from personal, team and organisational issues
  • practice the skills of effective mentoring
  • adopt reflective practices and develop an action plan for mentoring

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