Confidence & Assertiveness

Assertiveness is a way of communicating. It’s the ability to speak up for ourselves in a way that is respectful and honest. This workshop explores assertiveness behaviour and some of the barriers we face to being assertive. 

One of the barriers which many people face is Imposter Syndrome - in the workshop we discuss what this is and how much it can hold us back. This interactive session will provide practical tools and techniques which can be used in day-to-day interactions. 

This course involves pre-course reading and/or work which you should be able to complete in around 30-60 minutes.

Target Audience:

This workshop is suitable for anyone who would like to develop new skills or refresh existing skills in being more assertive and confident. 

During the workshop, there will be an opportunity to:

  • understand assertive behaviour, and how it differs from aggressive and passive behaviour, and look at your own preferences
  • increase awareness of your own behaviour and communication styles, and the impact you have on those around you
  • discuss Impostor Syndrome and how it can manifest, examine your own experiences, and learn how to manage it
  • explore tools and techniques to develop your skills, and explore and compare your learning with colleagues
  • consider techniques for confidently expressing your views and opinions

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