Coaching Mindset - Bitesize


This 60 minute bitesize is based on the premise that having a small appreciation of coaching and using some of the ‘building blocks’ of coaching in your interactions with other colleagues and co-workers can be helpful to all the parties in an exchange – whether you’re in a management setting (as manager or team member), working together in a team or as peers on a project, developing and deploying a coaching mindset will help you help others. 

The session will help you understand the characteristics of a coaching mindset, think about when, how and why it can be helpful (and when less so) and will introduce you to important concepts such as active listening, open questioning and using reflective practice.


We ask that participants:

  • watch 2 x short videos (2 minutes + 5 minutes)
  • reflect on a question (5 minutes)

Session Approach

The session is delivered using Mentimeter to allow anonymous input from participants, who will need access to a connected device with a web browser. The session is mostly presentation, with participants being asked to interact through answering some questions online.

It can be delivered online for up to 100 participants or face-to-face for up to 40 participants.


As well as the content covered, participants will be provided with a copy of the session materials and (anonymous) inputs which gives them:

  • a reminder of a definition of coaching mindset
  • examples of good, open questions
  • conversation frameworks
  • prompts on when coaching is likely to be effective (and when it’s less likely to be)

Bitesize courses are typically delivered online and for larger groups than our face-to-face or longer courses.  We may, on request, be able to offer these specifically for inclusion as part of team building activities such as away days.

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