Managing & Supporting Performance - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I appeal against a Managing Performance Hearing outcome?

Last updated: Mon Aug 14 15:41

If an employee wishes to appeal the outcome of a decision made at any hearing held under the Managing Performance Policy, they should submit an appeal in writing outlining their full grounds for appeal, to the appropriate College/University Services Head of Human Resources within 10 working days of receipt of the University’s decision. Employees should be notified that their appeal has been received.

The appeal stage is not intended to be a rehearing of the original case. Hence the grounds for appeal should typically fall within one of the following:

- Procedural error
- The outcome and recommendations are unreasonable and significantly out of line with the issues considered
- New information is now available which could not have reasonably been provided when the original outcome was communicated

How do I address a performance concern?

Last updated: Mon Aug 14 15:41

Employees who are not performing to the level expected of them should be given a fair and reasonable opportunity to improve, with the full support of their manager. The University's Managing and Supporting Performance policy outlines the Performance Improvement Process which provides an opportunity for this to take place. This process can advance through both informal and formal stages, involving the use of a Performance Improvement Plan.

Managers exploring this matter should consider the steps outlined in the Managing and Supporting Performance Policy. Further support and advice is also available via their local People and Organisational Development Team.