The Formula for the Calculation of Market Supplements for Academic Clinical Psychologists

Market Supplement Model
University of Glasgow
Human Resources Service

It was agreed in May 2009 the formula and level of market supplements to be paid to academic clinical psychologists. These market supplements provide for lump sum payments to aid the initial attraction of psychologist staff to academic roles and to help retain staff in academia as they gain in seniority with the University. 

  • 1. Supplements will be applied as pensionable fixed payments above the university base-line salary;
  • 2. All market supplements are recalculated annually, in line with University pay awards or at the time of promotion of the individual;
  • 3. If necessary there will be an adjustment to the university scale point to ensure that total earnings (including market supplement) on appointment to a university grade, excluding promotions to contribution points, will not exceed the maximum total earnings possible on the lower grade;
  • 4. The University reserves the right to amend this model in the future as it sees fit, after appropriate consultation with the academic psychologists;
  • 6. The supplements will be calculated annually:
  • 6.1 For University grade 7, 8 and 9 academic psychologist staff, as the difference between the mid-point (where there is no mid-point a notional point will be determined) of the appropriate NHS Banding (as detailed in the table below) and the top point of the University grade appointed to.
  • 6.2 For Professorial staff, the supplement will be the difference between the minimum point of NHS Band 9 and the University salary on the professorial pay scale for the first five years and the difference between the notional mid-point of NHS Band 9 and the University salary thereafter.  The University Professorial Grade is under review and the market supplement calculation method will change following that review.

Table showing the Model for the payment of Market Supplements to Academic Clinical Psychologists based on salary rates effective 01 Aug 2023

From Aug 2023
  University Job Title NHS Job Title University Grade (HAY) (A) Max Pt University Salary Range (non-contribution points) (B) Appropriate NHS Pay Band (D) Mid-point on NHS Grade (F) Calculation of Market Supplement (F-B)
University Modernisation Agenda Market Supplements for University Grades 1-9 with effective from 01 August 2023 Research Associate Clinical Psychologist R&T 7 £44,263 7 (for 2 years post D ClinPsy) £48,010 £3,747
Research Associate/Lecturer Principal Clinical Psychologist R&T 7 £44,263 8A £56,992 £12,729
Research Fellow/Lecturer Principal Clinical Psychologist R&T 8 £56,021 8A for 4 years and 8B thereafter £56,992 then £67,285 £0 then £11,264
Senior Research Fellow/Reader/Senior Lecturer Consultant Clinical Psychologist R&T 9 £64,914 8C for 4 years and 8D thereafter £79,466 then £94,345 £14,552 then £29,431
University decision with effect from 01 August 2023 Professor Consultant Clinical Psychologist Non-clinical professorial Grade (under review) Actual Salary 9 – Additional payment (on top of professorial pay) to take salary to point 1 on the NHS Band 9 £111,595 N/A- Individually Calculated

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