Medical and Dental staff

Welcome to the Human Resources web portal for University staff working in the NHS with information on terms and conditions of employment and the NHS interface arranged into useful sections.

Further information

The University employs several hundred doctors and dentists working part of the week on clinical work for the NHS under honorary contract arrangement as well as carrying out academic duties, including research and teaching, for the University.  The salaries  and terms and conditions of employment for this group are different to those of other groups of university staff and are set nationally by the NHS in consultation with the British Medical and Dental Associations and then implemented by UCEA on behalf of all the University employers.

There are three main groups of academic doctors and dentists – 1. those on clinical training, or out of training for a period of up to two years to undertake a Clinical Research Fellow post, normally honorary Specialty Registrars (StRs), 2. those in middle career grades such as honorary Specialty Doctors/Dentists or Associate Specialists and 3. those senior members of clinical academic staff employed by the NHS as honorary consultants. The latter group comprising fully trained doctors with a specialism who have normally gained entry to the relevant General Medical or Dental Council Specialist Register. From the Autumn of 2009 the General Medical Council is introducing Licensing. This will require all doctors to hold a Licence to Practise which will eventually require to be periodically renewed by Revalidation. This new approach to medical regulation is designed to give patients and employers regular assurance that their doctors are up to date and fit to practise.

There are a number of Professions Allied to Medicine employed by the University e.g. Nurses and Clinical Psychologists and details on their terms and conditions of employment are also included for completeness.

The information on terms and conditions of employment and facilities for staff held in the Academic Handbook applies equally to all categories of staff detailed above, except where there are differences as detailed in the sections here.

The salary scales for doctors and dentists are determined nationally by the NHS Doctors and Dentists Review Body and can be accessed at each section below. For Professions Allied to Medicine salaries are determined locally by HAY grading with market supplements for Clinical Psychologists as detailed below.

The University fully endorses the principles of the Follett Report (A Review of Appraisal, Disciplinary and reporting Arrangements for senior Clinical and University Staff with Academic and Clinical Duties September 2001) which advocates ‘joint working to integrate separate responsibilities’. There is therefore reference below to the NHS/University relationship on HR matters and the joint documentation in place. The process for applying for permission to work in the NHS and for NHS doctors wishing honorary status with us is also covered here.