Additional Diversity Related Learning Resources

Internal Resources

In addition to the existing Equality and Diversity Essentials and Managing Diversity e-learning courses the Equality and Diversity Unit’s Moodle page also provides access to two additional diversity based learning resources which are available for all staff and students.

Creating an Environment based on Respect Video
Having respect for others means behaving appropriately and appreciating them for who they are and what they do – regardless of things like their age, their race, their religion, a disability or their sexuality. Everyone deserves to be able to work and study without the fear of being bullied, harassed or treated with a lack of respect.

Stonewall Scotland’s LGB&T Good Practice Guide
This good practice guide contains an introduction, a short awareness raising activity and case study examples with dramatisations of real life scenarios that LGB&T people in Scotland have experienced.  It also contains FAQS and links to further reading and downloadable content.

The following course sits on the Employee and Organisational Development Moodle pages.

Mentally Healthy Workplace
This course, available through Moodle, is aimed at line managers to help them recognise the signs of workplace stress and to support their staff, but it can be a useful resource for all staff to increase awareness of mental health in the workplace.  

External Resources

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) - Transgender Issues (CURRENTLY UNDER REDEVELOPMENT BY GIRES)
An e-learning course on transgender issues where you can gain an understanding of the issues faced and how to create trans-inclusive workplaces and specific guidance on how to support those transitioning.