Respect Advisers Network

The University encourages individuals to resolve issues informally as this is often the quickest and most effective method of dealing with harassment or bullying.  

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The Respect Advisers Network (previously known as the Harassment Volunteer Network) can provide support and guidance to staff and students throughout the informal process and is intended to complement existing support structures within the University. 

More about the Network and the role of the Advisers

What is the Respect Advisers Network?

Respect Advisers are volunteer members of staff who have been trained to offer confidential, impartial, one-to-one advice and support to people having issues with harassment or bullying. They will help staff and students feel supported, gain a better understanding of their rights and options. 

You may wish to talk to a Respect Adviser before taking any other steps in response to any alleged harassment. Talking through the events and your feelings with an Adviser will help you decide on the best way for you to deal with the behaviour and will clarify the options available to you.  

The Respect Advisers will:

  • provide a confidential, as appropriate, listening service for staff or students who think they may be being bullied or harassed.
  • provide guidance, assistance and advise on the courses of action available.
  • facilitate informal resolution in cases of harassment in line with the University's Dignity at Work and Study Policy.
  • identify, and refer, serious allegations to the appropriate University authority.

The Respect Advisers role will NOT:

  • undertake any investigations or decide on the validity of a complaint.
  • decide whether the behaviour/conduct of an individual(s) constitutes harassment.
  • take action against an alleged harasser.
  • represent or accompany individuals at the formal stage of the process.
  • provide counselling

Conflict of Interest

There are occasions where the Respect Adviser may refer you to another member of the Network in order to avoid any potential conflict of interest.  These may include;

  • The individual contacting the Respect Adviser studies or works in the same School/Research Institute/Service as the Adviser.
  • The Respect Adviser has a close working relationship with a student or staff member who is accused.
  • If two individuals approach the Respect Adviser about the same case. 

Respect Advisers Network - Contact Details

We are currently very short of Respect Advisers and will be recruiting more very soon.

NameDeals with Location
Robert Taylor Staff and Student cases Central Services
SRC Advice Centre Student cases only John McIntyre Building




Staff can also access independent support through PAM Assist, Togetherall.  You can also informally discuss issues with your local HR team.