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The Employee and Organisational Development team are based at Tay House (Level 6), 300 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4LH.

Access to the building can be gained via the front entrance on Bath Street. Visitors must report and sign in at the front security desk where they will be issued a visitors badge.  Please ensure that you have your University of Glasgow staff card (or some other form of photographic ID) with you.

For other maps and directions to the University please visit the Location, maps and travel webpage.

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Employee & Organisational Development

Organisation Development is an approach that puts people at the heart of change, emphasises creativity and innovation, and positively affects organisational performance. The EOD Team uses complementary and disparate specialisms working together to deliver the University aims and aspirations.

Our Employee Development interventions improve the leadership, people management and personal effectiveness of University staff as individuals.

Our Organisation Development interventions develop and improve the system (culture, strategy, structure and process) of the University, growing organisational capability through alignment of strategy, structure, management processes and people.

Director of Organisation Development James Hamilton ext. 2913
Deputy Head of Employee and Organisational Development Wendy McAnerney ext. 6975
People and Organisational Development Partner Mhairi Boyd ext. 3350
People and Organisational Development Partner Clare Ennis ext. 4284 
Employee & Organisational Development Assessor/Administrator Andrea Miller ext. 3267
Employee & Organisational Development Administrator Elaine Finney ext. 6810
People & Organisational Development Administrator Denise Grant ext. 6977
For general enquiries please email