PDR Process Flow 2019-2020



Process Flow

Online Training Modules

There are two online training modules to support you through the PDR process.

An Introduction to PDR explains the benefits of PDR to the individual and the organisation and provides an overview of the key elements of the process. A successful PDR depends upon both reviewer and reviewee understanding the process and being fully prepared. 

Setting Objectives will help you understand the importance of setting objectives and explain how to use the SMART model to design effective performance objectives.

Performance Assessment Levels

Exceptional Contribution

Consistently exceeds expectations relative to role/grade, as evidenced by delivery against objectives to an exceptional standard. In addition, the staff member may have significantly contributed to activities outside the normal scope of their role and/or successfully overcome particular challenges.

Strong Contribution

Overall performance in the role is strong, demonstrated through strong delivery of objectives and progress against development plans. Performance has been within the normal requirements of the role with some elements above expectations.

Inconsistent Performance

Overall performance in the role is variable and some key objectives may not have been delivered to the required standard. Expectations are met in some, but not all essential areas of responsibility and further development is required.

Improved Performance Required

Performance is significantly below the expectation of the role. Insufficient progress towards objectives and standards demonstrating clear areas of performance which have been repeatedly inconsistent or where significant improvement and/or personal development is required.

The Glasgow Professional

Russell Group Benchmark Data

Other Useful Resources

Smart Objectives Guide ‌is an introductory workbook focusing on how to design objectives which are SMART, aligned to the University strategy and which can be clearly understood by both the individual and any member of their team.

‌‌Having a development conversation and having a constructive conversation are two online resources to help reviewers and reviewees plan for these types of conversations in the PDR meeting. 

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