If you are a new member of staff at the University you will also have a local induction plan to welcome you into the University community and help you further understand your job role and other aspects of working in the University. This will be developed with your line manager and will cover key elements of our New Colleague Induction Checklist. During this initial induction there will be mandatory training that you must complete as a new staff member including, for example, Equality and Diversity, GDPR and Health and Safety.

All staff are also invited to attend the Induction to the University of Glasgow events, which are delivered by Organisational Development. 

ECDP PDR/Objectives and Targets Guidance

Early Career Development Programme

Early Career Development Programme participants should use the online ECDP Objective Setting Form to set initial objectives if they are appointed outwith the May – October review cycle. PDR will take place annually, within the normal cycle, as detailed below.

ECDP Participants

PDR Cycle

Online forms available to conduct PDR & to set objectives

Initial Objective Setting

If appointment is between

1 October and 31 January

From appointment start date

PDR Cycle

1 July to 30 June each year

01 August – 31 October 2020

In addition, regular informal review meetings at regular intervals throughout the review period should take place between the line manager and the staff member in accordance with operational needs.

Further information, including guidance on how to use the online system, can be found on the following link;

Performance Development Review

ECDP Induction Event

Newly appointed participants on ECDP are invited to attend an ECDP Induction event along with line managers and mentors.

This welcome event provides an overview of the key elements of the programme including the ECDP Policy, how to navigate through the Programme, an overview of the development options (including mandatory elements) and an opportunity to ask questions and meet other colleagues.


This 2 hour session welcomes participants to ECDP and provides an outline of the key components of the programme including policy, processes and practices. Specifically, the aims of the session include:

  • To provide a formal welcome to participants and explain the strategic context for ECDP
  • To review key aspects of the ECDP Policy including background to the Programme, strategic positioning and promotional trajectory
  • To explain key aspects of the ECDP processes and practices including roles and responsibilities, documentation, getting started, annual review process and the promotional cycle
  • To explain the development framework including principles, components within the development framework, related processes, how to plan for your development and engage with the framework
  • To explain the positioning of mentoring within the programme including how to get started, roles and responsibilities,  and how to get the most from mentoring
  • To outline other key aspects of the induction process to pursue within the college/school/RI

There will be presentations from the ECDP Programme Director,  Pay Performance and Reward, Research & Innovation, Academic and Digital Development (ADD) and the Organisational Development service. 

All new starts will be contacted with upcoming Induction Event dates. 

University Strategy / ECDP Networking event

In addition to the Induction Event, there will also be an opportunity for all participants to attend our ECDP University Strategy and Networking Event.

The session begins with a range of presentations including strategic overview of the University strategy 'Inspiring People, Changing The World' with an opportunity to engage with senior leaders and network with colleagues including participants and mentors. Specifically, the aims of the session are to:

  • provide an overview of the University Strategy
  • position ECDP and the role of early career academics within the context of the University strategy including the vision for ECDP moving forward
  • provide an overview of the external environment in the context of the university strategic aims
  • provide an overview of the UK / Scottish HEI landscape as relevant to early career academics and links with strategic aims.

Following the presentations, all participants are invited to attend an informal networking event hosted by the ECDP Programme Director. This is an opportunity for ECDP participants to meet other colleagues, ECDP champions, senior leaders, representatives involved in delivery of ECDP workshops / PGCap and colleagues involved as mentors.

Target Audience

The session is designed for all new participants.