Annual Leave and Time Off

The University provides enhanced annual leave entitlement to all employees. This includes 32 days annual leave (of which four are typically fixed at Christmas and New Year) plus nine public holidays. Part-time employees receive a pro-rata entitlement often expressed in hours.

Additionally the University has arrangements for employees wishing to take time off to carry out Public Duties, Jury Service and for Volunteer Reservists. These pages also include information on the provision of other special and unpaid leave and the circumstances in which these may be granted including Emergency Time off to Care for Dependants and paid time off for staff who experience a bereavement.

All types of time off outlined above may be requested via Employee Self Service which includes a workflow to managers for approval.

Additionally these pages include information on the arrangements for Academic Staff and those in MPA Grade 6 and above who may wish to spend time away from the University.

There are separate pages covering sickness absence, Managing Attendance and time off for new parents.