What is the length of a short term or long term absence?

A short-term absence is defined as any single period of absence up to a maximum of 4 calendar weeks. A long-term absence is defined as any single period of absence lasting longer than 4 calendar weeks.

How do I find out sick pay entitlement?

Subject to the absence reporting and certification procedures having been followed, employees will receive sickness payment for a period of one sixth of service* on full salary then one sixth of service on half salary, up to a maximum period of six months at full salary followed by six months at half salary.

*Service is measured at the start of the absence. Contact the payroll team for a sick pay report if you have concerns over the sick pay you have remaining.

What are the absence review points?

The review points are any one (or combination) of the following: - 4 occasions of absence within the last 6 months - 6 occasions of absence within the last 12 months - 12 or more days sickness absence, accrued over more than 1 period of absence, within the last 12 months (Pro-rated for part-time staff) - Any other recurring, recognisable pattern (e.g. frequent absenteeism on a Monday)

What do I do if a review point is met?

The various processes that may follow a review point being met are detailed in points 18 to 25 of the Managing Attendance Policy.

How do I manage stress at work?

Where an employee believes they are experiencing work-related stress, they should approach their line manager to discuss their concerns as soon as possible. The Form - Notification of Work-Related Stress should be used to document any perceived causes, concerns, impacts and proposed resolutions. Managers are responsible for responding to any concerns notified through this process and taking remedial action where possible. While consideration can be given to making a referral to Occupational Health in these cases, it should not be automatic. Many of the issues which may be cited as work-related stress can often be resolved through positive management interventions. A referral may be appropriate in some cases after initial discussions have taken place, but should not automatically be the first step in addressing work-related stress. The University also provides an Employee Assistance Programme via PAM Assist, which offers various tools and facilities which may be useful. More detailed guidance on managing stress in the workplace can be found in the Managing Stress Employee Guide and the Managing Stress Manager Guide.

Who do I contact if my sickness absence record is wrong?

If you believe your sickness record is incorrect, you should speak with your line manager in the first instance.

After how many working days is a medical fit note required?

Absences continuing beyond 7 calendar days must be covered by appropriate medical certification (typically a ‘Fit Note’ from a GP but this may also be an appropriate hospital certificate).

I have been referred to Occupational Health - what does this involve?

You can find out further information on what this involves by looking at the advice for referred employees.

How do I refer to Occupational Health?

An employee can be referred to Occupational Health using the electronic Occupational Health Referral Form. The referral should be discussed with the employee in advance and further information is available in Guidance - Occupational Health Referrals

How do I write an occupational health referral?

More detailed guidance on the OH Referral process and what to include in a referral can be found in Guidance - Occupational Health Referrals.

How long will it take to receive an occupational health report back?

The Occupational Health Unit will endeavour to see referred employees within a week of receiving the referral. Reports are then typically sent to the referring manager within 2-3 days.

Where is the Occupational Health Unit located?

The Occupational Health Unit is located at 63 Oakfield Avenue. Access to the unit is via several stairs and there are no ground floor toilet facilities. Please contact Occupational Health using the details on your appointment invite to discuss if you have any particular access requirements and they will arrange an alternative suitable venue.