Code of Practice on Unacceptable Behaviour

This Code sets out the University’s approach to dealing with behaviour it deems unacceptable. All staff and students, their representatives, and members of the public with whom the University communicates, are covered by this Code, including those engaged with one or more of the University’s other codes and procedures.

Incidents of unacceptable behaviour are relatively infrequent, but where staff, students, or the work of the University are adversely affected, appropriate and relevant action will be taken. 

Aims of the Code of Practice

  • To ensure the fair, honest and consistent treatment of all individuals with whom the University interacts, through any means of contact and communication.
  • To make the University community and members of the public aware of what constitutes unacceptable behaviour and the action that will be taken to manage this.
  • To ensure that University students and staff do not suffer as a result of the unacceptable behaviour of others and are not placed at risk.

The full code can be found within the University Calendar (Regulation 37). 

Dignity at Work and Study

You may also wish to refer to the Dignity at Work and Study policy which emphasises the University’s commitment to protecting the dignity of staff, students and visitors in their work and their interactions with others.