E-Procurement - An Overview

 E-Procurement Punchout Suppliers

The E- Procurement Punchout process that has been developed to allow users to access supplier's websites via the Agresso web requisitioning to do online ordering.

Supplier Name Supplier ID Purchase Type Added 
DELL 29999 Standard DELL computer purchases   Aug 2009
RS COMPONENTS      15409 Electronic Components Mar 2010

Electrical components, batteries,
electrical and electrical handtools,
test and measurement
equipment, mechanical tools and fixings.

22nd Nov 2010
FISHER SCIENTIFIC UK LTD 12749 General Lab Supplies and Equipment 20th Dec 2010
SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY SUPPLIES LIMITED 28658 General Lab Supplies and Equipment 20th Dec 2010
41324 Laboratory Chemicals / Bio- Lab Supplies and Equipment

9th May 2011
VWR INTERNATIONAL LTD 14761 Laboratory Chemicals/ Ethanol & Methylated Spirits 8th July 2011
14378 Molecular Biology Supplies 22nd Aug 2011
INSIGHT DIRECT (UK) LTD 16040 Technology products and services 31st Oct 2011
ARCO 18159 Health & Safety Equipment and Clothing 12th Feb 2013
GETECH 16137 Information Technology Broadcasting and
18th Mar 2013
BUNZL CLEANING & HYGIENE SUPPLIES 10404  Cleaning Equipment and Supplies 10th April 2013
QIAGEN 15688  Molecular Biology Supplies 20th May 2013
PROMEGA 13576  Biochemistry and molecular biology Suppliers 27th May 2013
ALFA AESER (Update May 30th, 2023
Please use FISHER SCIENTIFIC - 12749 instead)
   Research chemicals, metals and materials. 08th Sept 2014
METTLER TOLEDO LTD (formerly ANACHEM0 10909   15th Sept 2014
LYRECO  14409 Stationery and paper 1st June 2016
BANNER GROUP LIMITED 37185 IT Consumables 12th Dec 2016


  12th Apr 2019
NEW ENGLAND BIOLABS 14533 Recombinant and native enzyme reagents 
for the life science research, as well as
providing solutions supporting genome
editing, synthetic biology and 
next-generation sequencing
31st Oct 2019 
HEWLETT PACKARD (HP) 37872 Standard HP computer purchases   10th Dec 2019 
 Training Materials   Updated
1. Online Video Example
- Lyreco Example
Training Manual E-Procurement Punchout Nov 2018
Free Text option1 - For only ordering items that are:
Non-catalogue products /one off orders/ Specific Quotes.
Nov 2018
2. Online Video Example
Fisher Scientific Example
Free text Option2 -  for ordering  where items that can be found on the Supplier
e-procurement website and at the same time for ordering items that are
Non-catalogue products /one off orders/ Specific Quotes.
Nov 2018
3. Online Video Example -
Misco Example

Features of E-Procurement

  • E-Procurement is the option of ordering goods via a supplier website from Agresso.
  • The goods ordered will then convert into a purchase order after going through the approval process
  • The purchase order will be electronically transmittted to the supplier
  • The supplier will e-mail the requisitioner confirming the purchase order
  • A copy can be viewed/printed/saved if required

E-Procurement - Marketplace

  • From Agresso the user will be able to Punch-Out to what is known as a Marketplace website.
  • The Marketplace website used by the University of Glasgow is Parabilis.
  • The Marketplace website will allow the user to select which supplier is required.
  • Marketplace will connect the user to a selected supplier dedicated to the University of Glasgow
  • The Marketplace will also bring back the details ordered on the Suppliers website and transfer them to the Agresso Requisition after being confirmed by the user.

E-Procurement - Punchout Supplier

  • The Supplier website will be one dedicated to the University of Glasgow contract with specific products and prices.
  • On the Supplier website the user will select the products required, create a basket and create a requisition. This will take the details back to the Marketplace.
  • The Suppliers website should hold the contracted products and also an option to view and select from the Suppliers catalogue (though this may be restricted depending on the contract with the supplier).
  • Some suppliers will have the ability to add products if requested.
  • The Agresso Support Desk have no control over supplier websites.

E-Procurement Punchout Process
process map

  1. User will begin raising requisition on Agresso
  2. User accesses the marketplace website and selects a supplier
  3. User is taken to supplier website - selects goods in basket and generates requisition
  4. Details of goods selected are brought into the Marketplace to checkout
  5. Details are retrieved and requisition is generated back into Agresso
  6. Requisition is saved
  7. Requisition Approved and converted into Purchase Order
  8. Order electronically transmitted to Supplier
  9. Supplier sends email to requisitioner confirming Order

E-Procurement Punchout- FAQs

Q. I am asked for User details when connecting to Marketplace website?
A: Close marketplace website and select GO SHOPPING to try again

Q. When do I select Go Shopping?
A: Select Go Shopping after you have entered the delivery address details on the requisition screen

Q. Do I have to enter a product code?
A: NO -  this information will be brought back from the goods ordered via the supplier website. If you enter a Product code your Requisition will fail and you will need to begin again.

Q. Can I add additional details to the requisition out with the goods I have chosen from the Suppliers website e.g. additional lines by entering product codes
A: NO – The details of the requisition should match the goods ordered on the suppliers website, other wise the purchase order will not be electronically transmitted

Q. Can I print of  a copy of the order?
A: YES – a copy can be viewed/printed/saved using normal copy order printout process.

Q. Can I fax/email/send the order to the supplier instead?
A:  NO the Purchase order must be transmitted electronically. Suppliers will be informed this is the only way to accept orders.

Q. I cant find the products I require on the supplier website?
A: Certain Suppliers can add products to their website if requested. You should contact the supplier to see if they can do this.

Q. For DELL can E-Quotes be used?
A: NO – Prices on the DELL public website will not be the same and prices usually cheaper on DELL Marketplace website.

Q. Can Templates be used?
A: YES – Templates can be set up for E-procurement. Though this should be used carefully as the details that come from the
     Suppliers website will have up-to-date prices and also availability information.

Q. Will there be more suppliers added to E-Procurement?
A: YES – more suppliers will be added. Users will be emailed in advance of new supplies when possible.

Q. What if we need the goods ordered require a VAT Exemption Form
A: The VAT details will be sent to the supplier but not as an attachment which will be used to communicate to the order is VAT Exempt. 

Q. Once a supplier is on E-procurement can any other method be used to order from the Punchout Supplier?
A: The E-Procurement should be the only option used to raise a requisition.

Q. Can a Purchasing Card be used for E-Procurement?
A: No – This process is not to be used with the Purchase Card. Order is created for specific supplier.