Equality & Diversity Strategy Committee & Equality Champions

The University’s strategic plan Glasgow 2020: A Global Vision defines our value of openness as;

Our inclusiveness embraces diversity by valuing and respecting the perspectives and contributions of all our colleagues and students.

Equality and inclusion is at the heart of the University and to support this value, the University has appointed 9 Equality Champions, all drawn from senior management.  They have responsibility to promote and raise awareness around equality and inclusion issues. 

The nine Equality Champions come together as the University’s Equality and Diversity Strategy Committee (EDSC) along with other key stakeholders from across the University.  Its role is to consider the University’s strategic planning and policy development matters relating to equality, diversity and inclusion; to advise and make recommendations to the University’s Court, Senate, HR Committee, the Education Policy and Strategy Committee and the Senior Management Group, as appropriate.  In addition the EDSC works in co-operation with other University committees and working groups, as required.