Video conferencing

Video conferencing

in a centrally managed rooms

There are three steps to booking a video conference:

  1. Book a room with video conferencing facilities - see Booking a room
  2. Complete the form below at least 5 working days before the proposed meeting date
  3. The VC team will contact you to discuss your requirements

About VC equipment in centrally managed rooms

A selection of centrally managed committee rooms, seminar rooms, and teaching rooms are equipped with video conferencing facilities. These can accommodate anything from a dozen to 314 people.

Most of these rooms include:

  • Dual projection system - one for incoming lecturer picture, the other to display the PC or visualiser presentation
  • Cameras allowing a number of different views of the lecturer or audience
  • Lectern monitor to show the outgoing picture, and a large monitor facing the lectern to show the incoming picture from the remote location(s), usually of the remote audience(s)
  • Teaching-Room PC configured to share your presentation locally, and to the main or second screen at the remote location(s)
  • A4 visualiser/document viewer to show documents, dooks, etc
  • Touch panel to control the system

All sites use a lectern or tie clip Mic for the lecturer, and some have a hand held radio Mic for audience participation. They are also wired for local sound reinforcement.

Let us know as early as possible if you may require extra equipment.

VC equipment in locally managed rooms

Some Schools and Colleges have video conferencing facilities in their locally managed meeting rooms, but these are generally not available to other users as the rooms are also used for other purposes.

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