International Representatives

We work with selected University of Glasgow representatives (agents) worldwide.

Our overseas representatives can:

  • provide more information and discuss opportunities at the University of Glasgow
  • help you with the application process

If your country is not listed, please contact the International office

Your University of Glasgow Representative

Prior to enrolment, prospective students have the option of using an official representative of the University of Glasgow.

Those who do should expect the following standards of service:

  • Representatives will support students throughout the application process, providing advice and assistance in the preparation/submission of documents. It is, however, the applicant who must remain ultimately responsible for their account and the management of communications.
  • Representatives will have full access to student data contained within the application form and may manage a student application by discussing all aspects of the application with the University of Glasgow.
  • Representatives should be honest and accurate in communicating information about the University to the student and vice versa. At no time should representatives disseminate false or misleading information to the student or to the University.
  • Representatives will conduct themselves with fairness and integrity at all times and are subject to a rigorous selection and ongoing training process by the University of Glasgow.
  • Representatives are paid by the University for their services and will not pass on charges to prospective students.

Issues or problems with representatives

If you are concerned your chosen representative is not meeting the expectations outlined above and wish to change representative, please contact the University of Glasgow's International Office immediately at