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The Glasgow Riverside Innovation District (GRID) is a partnership between the University of Glasgow, Scottish Enterprise and Glasgow City Council, aiming to create an environment which will boost existing collaborations with industry and encourage the formation of new ones in some of the most dynamic sectors of the economy.

Encompassing both banks of the River Clyde, an area synonymous with the legacy of shipbuilding and Glaswegian leadership in industry, GRID offers the city the chance to reimagine our proud industrial heritage for the 21st century and to establish Glasgow’s leadership in the hi-tech industries of the future.

Building on existing assets

With one of the top 100 universities in the world as the anchor institution, GRID benefits from a huge range of existing world-class infrastructure: which will be enhanced as the University’s main campus in the city’s West End undergoes a £1bn redevelopment programme, offering enhanced access to the University’s research assets and capabilities, as well as world-class skills and talent.

Alongside access to the outstanding academic expertise based around the University, GRID is home to the world-leading Clinical Innovation Zone based around the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the largest hospital campus in Europe, as well as the emerging cultural quarter based around the Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, the world-leading Scottish Events Campus and the vibrant media hub at Pacific Quay, which includes the headquarters of BBC Scotland.

By bringing together these diverse industries, skillsets and perspectives, GRID offers the chance to create a world-class innovation cluster which can see Glasgow retake its place at the forefront of international industry and innovation.

The opportunities for the city

GRID will empower the University and its partners to not only form new industrial relationships with dynamic and innovative companies: but to push Glasgow to the next level in industries where it has the genuine potential to lead the world.

Precision Medicine, in which Glasgow is often spoken of as having the potential to be the ‘Silicon Valley’ of this new and exciting field: with a global market predicted to be $134bn by 2025.  In partnership with the NHS, ambitious plans are underway to take the next steps and enshrine Glasgow’s leadership in this field, which can deliver a genuine revolution in healthcare worldwide.

Equally exciting is Glasgow’s potential in the area of quantum technology and nanofabrication – fields in which the city possesses competitive advantages and with the University taking forward ambitious plans for a new Clyde Waterfront Innovation Campus in Govan, centred around the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre, Europe’s leading clean-room facility.

Outreach, stakeholder and community engagement

GRID has at the heart of it the community of Govan. This is an area that has suffered large scale de-industrialisation but has mature and embedded community networks to realise its ambitions. The development of GRID and the CWIC Campus will be carried out working alongside the over-arching structures that will help us navigate and forge meaningful relationships with the diverse range of community stakeholders present in the local area; the most relevant being Central Govan Action Plan (with others including the Govan Area Partnership and Govan Thriving Places.

A stakeholder and community engagement strategy will be being developed to underpin and inform the five-year strategy being developed for GRID. We will work with stakeholders across the community to agree a shared vision, identify and segment key stakeholders, agree methods of engagement, and agree deliverables and outcomes and a high-level engagement programme.

Working together for Glasgow

GRID is one of several exciting developments ongoing within the Glasgow City Region: including the Glasgow City Innovation District and the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District near Glasgow International Airport, offering an unparalleled opportunity for productive collaboration.

Sitting between these two developments, GRID has the potential to link Glasgow’s offering together and to ensure Glasgow is once again a world-leading innovative city.

Contact: Benny McLaughlin, Programme Director, GRID:

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