im/material event: Place and Performance - Virtual Encounters with Material Worlds

im/material event: Place and Performance - Virtual Encounters with Material Worlds

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Date: Monday 15 April 2019
Time: 16:00 - 18:00
Venue: Kelvin Hall Lecture Theatre
Category: Academic events

What impact will immersive experiences have on public space? Public places are where we interact with one another; where we gather to perform our daily social rituals, observe our neighbours, and interact. Our use of space is shaped by a range of organizational, aesthetic, and functional factors. The materiality of space overtly and subtly shapes our interactions with and within these environments. The impact which immersive experience will have upon our experience of places remains poorly understood.


Understandings of the interplay between place and human behaviour underpins a wide range of fields, from marketing to architecture to anthropology. This event brings together speakers from research and industry to focus on the key research areas and drivers related to place and performance.


The im/material Place and Performance event will be based around a series of questions including: What happens when we introduce immersive technologies that add a new set of immaterial cues to public spaces? How do individual digital experiences, AR or XR experiences in public spaces affect interactions that have developed assuming a shared place-based context? Can immersive technologies and experiences be used to affect positive changes in public interactions? How might immersive experiences help us to understand social and performative uses of built spaces?


Speakers: Stuart Jeffrey (Glasgow School of Art); Malath Abbas (Biome Collective); Catherine Clarke (School of Advanced Study, University of London)

Moderator: Gareth Beale (University of Glasgow)

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