24th Holocaust Memorial Lecture

On Tuesday 16 January 2024 the University of Glasgow welcomes Dr Waitman Wade Beorn, Assistant Professor for History at Northumbria University, to present the 24th Holocaust Memorial Lecture, entitled Placing the Holocaust: Observations from the Janowska Camp, Ukraine

Lecture Overview: 

The Holocaust was a profoundly spatial event; it took place in specific locations and under specific circumstances, rather than in a theoretical realm. Yet, we often take the places of the Holocaust for granted or as mere backdrops to the event itself. By examining details of the Janowska camp, located outside of Lviv in what is now Ukraine, this lecture will show how looking at the space of destruction -- both metaphorically and literally -- can further our understandings of some of the universal elements of the Holocaust.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday 16 January 2024
Location: Sir Charles Wilson Lecture Theatre, University of Glasgow
Start time: 7pm
End time: 8pm

You can join this event in person, or virtually. Please see below for the registration links: 

In person registration: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/24th-holocaust-memorial-lecture-tickets-753801078317 

Virtual registration: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/24th-holocaust-memorial-lecture-virtual-tickets-755361034187 

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