Lymphoedema Advanced Practice NURSING5046P

  • Academic Session: 2023-24
  • School: School of Medicine Dentistry and Nursing
  • Credits: 20
  • Level: Level 5 (SCQF level 11)
  • Typically Offered: Semester 2
  • Available to Visiting Students: No

Short Description

The course provides the advancing health care professional, with an opportunity to extend the skills and knowledge of the Managing Complex Lymphoedema course to a range of complex lymphoedema patients in the context of the most contemporary evidence and themes. The course will facilitate the application of advanced skills in more complex situations and in the context of delivering and managing a service. It will facilitate further development of skills in analysing and synthesising clinical findings and evidence for decision-making at an advanced level. Seminars and workshops support further development of the skills of an advancing practitioner in this field and is consolidated with workplace and on-line learning.


This is a part-time course over 10 weeks, supported by online learning and workplace mentors.

Requirements of Entry

Applicants will normally hold a professional qualification of either Registered Nurse or Allied Health Professional, a first degree and have a minimum clinical experience of equivalent of 2 years full time employment since qualifying; currently be working with or have pre-arranged access to patients with chronic oedema/lymphoedema; have confirmed support of management and have completed the Managing Complex Lymphoedema (SCQF level 11) course or equivalent.

Excluded Courses




A 750 word critical appraisal of a potential service development/audit/research (ILOs 3 & 5, weighting 20%)


A 2,000 critical evaluation of a contemporary multi-professional treatment plan with accompanying patient assessment, treatment plans and reviews using standard documentation and with reference to current literature (ILOs 1,2,4-7, weighting 80%); 


Achievement of clinical competence in applying previously learned skills in complex clinical situations (ILOs 1,2,6,7) (Pass/Fail)

Course Aims

This course will provide the advancing health care professional, wishing to study at Masters level, with the opportunity to further develop the theory and practice of advanced skills in the management of complex lymphoedema including Casley-Smith technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage applying knowledge of contemporary issues and latest evidence to critical clinical decision making.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Course

By the end of this course students will be able to:

1. Plan and execute adaptation of treatment plans for patients with complex lymphoedema or advanced disease in the light of recent best evidence or changes to clinical knowledge.

2. Devise and critically evaluate a multi-professional management programme for a lymphoedema patient with multi-pathology or complex needs including critical evaluation of relevant evidence and consideration of the latest techniques and innovation.

3. Critically analyse how a current clinical question could be informed by service audit or research within practice.

4. Critically evaluate the role of the lymphoedema advanced practitioner with patients with rare presentations.

5. Critically reflect on clinical practice problems and their own practice in managing complex situations and in relation to relevant literature

6. Analyse the use of ethical frameworks in managing ethical issues and the implications for practice

7. Demonstrate a wide range of effective communication techniques and an interdisciplinary approach to determining patient priorities and planning interventions to meet the patient's holistic needs

Minimum Requirement for Award of Credits

Achievement of grade D3 or above in each of the written assignments.


Students must also pass the clinical assessment by demonstrating achievement of competence in lymphoedema management skills taught and spend a minimum of 5 hours with their mentor to achieve credit.