Reflective Practice MED5660

  • Academic Session: 2023-24
  • School: School of Health and Wellbeing
  • Credits: 10
  • Level: Level 5 (SCQF level 11)
  • Typically Offered: Semester 1
  • Available to Visiting Students: No
  • Taught Wholly by Distance Learning: Yes

Short Description

This course explores the theoretical foundations of reflective practice, introduces students to core reflective concepts and allows students the opportunity to develop reflective skills through both individual and group work platforms.


10 hours of asynchronous online teaching

Requirements of Entry

Excluded Courses



1. 50% written assignment critically appraising approaches to support reflective practice (1000 words) (ILOs 1 & 2)

2. 50% reflection and response to multi-source appraisal, recorded presentation (7-10mins) (ILOs 2-5)

Course Aims

Student will engage with the foundational theories relating to reflective practice and critically appraise the accompanying evidence base.

The centrality of supervision and multi-source appraisal to reflective practice will be explored.

Students will be afforded the opportunity to practice reflection within group and individual settings.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Course

By the end of this course students will be able to:

1. Critically appraise the literature to explore the contribution of reflection to clinical practice

2. Evaluate the contribution of supervision to reflective practice 

3. Synthesize multiple sources of appraisal to build an accurate representation of their knowledge, skills, experience and performance

4. Critically reflect on the importance of self-appraisal in practice by identifying and responding to issues that threaten their own fitness to practice 

Minimum Requirement for Award of Credits

Students must submit at least 75% by weight of the components (including examinations) of the course's summative assessment.