Governance and ethics in education research MED5398

  • Academic Session: 2023-24
  • School: School of Medicine Dentistry and Nursing
  • Credits: 10
  • Level: Level 5 (SCQF level 11)
  • Typically Offered: Summer
  • Available to Visiting Students: Yes
  • Taught Wholly by Distance Learning: Yes

Short Description

In this course, students will learn about the governance and ethical conduct of education research. In addition, they will learn about the process of applying for ethical approval of education research.  


This course takes place in semester 3 and is made up of lectures and tutorials.

Requirements of Entry


Excluded Courses



Critique of a mock ethics application (50%) - 1800 to 2500 words. ( ILOs 1, 2 and 3)

Weekly posts to online discussion forum (50%) - max 4000 words. ( ILOs 1, 2, and 4)

Course Aims

This course aims to give students the opportunity to:

1. Critically reflect on ethical conduct and governance in education research in a health professions context;

2. Negotiate the process of applying for ethical approval for empirical research in the field of health professions education.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Course

By the end of this course students will be able to:


1. Select and justify appropriate methodology to address (a) research question(s) in health professions education;

2. Design a study to address (a) research question(s) in health professions education, taking into account - where appropriate - such issues as sampling, validity and reliability, authenticity, trustworthiness, credibility and generalizability;

3. Prepare and evaluate an application for ethical approval ;

4. Critically reflect on personal and professional practice in relation to the ethics and governance of educational research.

Minimum Requirement for Award of Credits

Students must submit at least 75% by weight of the components (including examinations) of the course's summative assessment.