• Academic Session: 2023-24
  • School: School of Geographical and Earth Sciences
  • Credits: 20
  • Level: Level 4 (SCQF level 10)
  • Typically Offered: Either Semester 1 or Semester 2 (Alternate Years)
  • Available to Visiting Students: Yes

Short Description

This course introduces students to the geographies of development theory and practice since the middle of the twentieth century, and will provide students with the opportunity to engage with contemporary development policy.


2 hours weekly and seminars (tba)

Requirements of Entry

Mandatory Entry Requirements

Fulfilment of entry requirements to Level 3 Geography

Excluded Courses




One 2000-word essay and one written examination 

Main Assessment In: April/May

Course Aims

1. to develop a critical awareness of the history of development theory and practice.

2. to introduce students to the challenges to development from anti-development, feminist and postcolonial theories.

3. to develop a critical understanding of the implications of contemporary development policy.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Course

By the end of this course students will be able to:

1. provide a critical account of the history of development theory and practice;

2. explain the challenges to development from anti-development, feminist and postcolonial theories;

3. critically analyse of contemporary development policy.

Transferable skill learning outcomes. By the end of the course the student will have further developed the following skills:
1. critical analysis;

2. oral and teamwork skills (by presenting arguments during small group discussions and seminars);

3. construct a written critical argument based on library-based research, and conforming to academic conventions in terms of citations and referencing;

4. work to deadlines.

Minimum Requirement for Award of Credits

Students must submit at least 75% by weight of the components (including examinations) of the course's summative assessment.