Please note: there may be some adjustments to the teaching arrangements published in the course catalogue for 2020-21. Given current circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic it is anticipated that some usual arrangements for teaching on campus will be modified to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and staff on campus; further adjustments may also be necessary, or beneficial, during the course of the academic year as national requirements relating to management of the pandemic are revised.

Internet Technology (M) COMPSCI5012

  • Academic Session: 2020-21
  • School: School of Computing Science
  • Credits: 10
  • Level: Level 5 (SCQF level 11)
  • Typically Offered: Summer
  • Available to Visiting Students: No
  • Available to Erasmus Students: No

Short Description

The aim of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of web application development. It will provide students with the skills to design and develop distributed web applications in a disciplined manner, using a range of tools and technologies. It will also strengthen their understanding of the context and rationale of distributed systems.


Four days over two weeks (2 days/week).

It is no known yet which two weeks or which days this will be.

Requirements of Entry

COMPSCI4048 Programming and Systems Development (H)


COMPSCI4039  Programming (H)

Excluded Courses





5 Lab exercises: 50% (10% each), Group project: 60% (comprising: Design specification: 10%, Group work on developing specific use cases for a web application: 50%).

Are reassessment opportunities available for all summative assessments? No

Reassessment of coursework is not possible as much of the assessed work will be done in groups, and the remaining coursework is linked to lectures and lab sessions.

Course Aims

The aims of this course are: 

To provide an overview of the ongoing developments in web application development;

To promote the disciplined design and development of distributed web applications;

To strengthen students understanding of the context and rationale of distributed systems;

To explain the messaging and protocols used as a communication mechanisms in web applications;

To develop the ability to implement and deploy distributed web applications.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Course

By the end of the course students will be able to:

1. Illustrate and describe the n-tier client-server architecture of web applications;

2. Explain the role of messaging and protocols within the design of web applications;

3. Explain the opportunities and challenges relating to developing web applications in a distributed environment;

4. Identify and critically analyse the requirements of a web application;

5. Design and specify the architecture of a web application;

6. Evaluate and assess specifications and designs of web applications;

7. Construct, build and deploy a web application.

Minimum Requirement for Award of Credits

Students must submit at least 75% by weight of the components (including class tests) of the course's summative assessment.