Our App Evalution

The Co-IMMUNicateApp is aimed at primary school aged children (5-11 years of age). Via Augmented Reality, quizzes and a fun game, you can learn about how your immune cells protect against respiratory viruses.

The App has been designed by the Co-IMMUNicate team and kept us busy during the COVID19 lockdowns!

We hope you enjoy playing with the App which will be available soon on Google Play and the App Store.


The Co-IMMUNicate App was based on the ideas, activities and challenges we had in the first year of the project. We wanted to create a fun and informative tool to help the pupils and the broader community understand what happens after a respiratory virus infection. When delivering the activities in the first year, we found it difficult to describe just how small viruses are! This was the inspiration behind the Big vs Small part of the App.

The App helps us engage and inform each year of new pupils at Anderston primary, to attract people when we deliver activities at the Glasgow Science Festival, and share our project with people across the globe.

The App was designed and made by Dr Matthieu Poyade and Orla McCorry (Glasgow School of Art) and the pupils in the 2020-21 P6/7 class at Anderston primary. The pupils provided drawings that have been used to illustrate what happens after a respiratory virus infection and to help explain what viruses are. The pupils have also provided voice over for the App to help increase accessibility.

The pupils helped us road test the App, giving us lots of advice on how to make it even better.

Evaluation 1

The 2020/21 Primary 6/7 pupils contributed to the App design and the assessment of the App. We asked them to complete two short questionnaires, one before they had access to the App and one after; we also held an online video call to hear directly their views of the App.

The questionnaires showed that the App met the pupils’ expectations.  Of the 16 pupils who completed the anonymous pre-questionnaire:

  • 94% (15/16) thought that App would be fun, and they all thought they would learn from the App
  • most (75%;12/16) thought that it would be easy to use
  • the majority thought that their drawing would be included (94%;15/16).

The post-questionnaire was completed by 12 pupils;

  • a majority (83%; 10/12) gave the App a score of 3 or 4 out of a max score of 4 for how much they enjoyed using the App
  • all 12 pupils reported that they had learnt something from the App
  • the majority found it somewhat easy/or easy to use (75%; 9/12)
  • most agreed that their drawings had been included (92%; 11/12).

Comments from the post-questionnaire reflected similar discussion points from the online meeting

In the questionnaire, the pupils were asked to comment on the App. Most of the comments were positive (83%; 10/12) and covered their involvement, their learning, and how easy it was to use. Here are a selection of the comments: 

Of the two negative comments, one thought that some of the questions to test their knowledge were too easy and one pupil found the augmented reality in the App challenging to use.

In the online meeting, the pupils shared their opinions on the App. Many listed different parts of the App that they liked and were enthusiastic about the App and their involvement. The pupils were happy to share their suggestions for improvements for the App. These were mainly on technical problems with the augmented reality triggers for the App.