Work with the Scotland 5G Testbed

5G networks provide ultra-fast massive connectivity, low latency, and high capacity. As such, 5G has transformative potential in various areas, including healthcare, transportation, environmental monitoring, manufacturing, and smart cities.

If your company or organisation would like to innovate using 5G, we invite you to collaborate with us at the Scotland 5G Testbed. Located at the University of Glasgow, the Scotland 5G Testbed serves as a research and development platform where industry experts, researchers and policymakers can collaborate to test and develop cutting-edge applications and services enabled by 5G. It provides an environment for you to test innovations without breaking any service level agreements. The testbed is mobile and can be deployed at an external site.

IAA funding for collaborative development

We can financially support joint projects through our EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA). Its objective is to translate research into impact. We have funding of up to £50,000 per project available for collaborative development between researchers and external partners.

Eligible partners are: companies in the UK or elsewhere in the world; trade bodies; local, regional or national government bodies; other public sector organisations including the NHS, charities, and NGOs; and other third sector organisations.

Contact us

If you’re interested in working with the Scotland 5G Testbed, please get in touch with IAA KE Associate Dr Muhammad Ali Jamshed. He’s happy to answer your questions, connect you to the research group led by Professor Muhammad Imran, and help shape an eligible IAA funding application. You can contact Ali at