Royal Academy of Engineering supports engineering excellence with 18 new Research Fellowships

Published: 14 August 2019

Each awardee receiving five years’ worth of funding and mentorship to advance their research careers

Three promising early career researchers from the University of Glasgow have won prestigious fellowships from the Royal Academy of Engineering, with five years’ funding and support for their world-class research.

Dr Marta Vignola, Dr Richard Middlemiss, and Dr Ross Millar were among just 18 engineers who were recognised with the Research Fellowships, meaning that the University secured a sixth of the awarded Fellowships in this round.

Dr Vignola’s work, which focuses on the sustainable removal of pesticides from drinking water, won an award funded by the Government’s Global Challenges Research Fund. This fund is designed to tackle the challenges faced by developing countries and highlight the vital role of engineering in achieving sustainable global development. Dr Middlemiss will develop a Microscopic Semi-Absolute Pendulum Gravimeter, nicknamed the Wee-G, that has the potential to transform geophysical exploration and monitor volcanoes to act as an early warning system for eruption. Dr Millar’s work on Germanium-Tin Quantum Detectors will help to cement the University’s reputation as a world centre of excellence in quantum technology.

First published: 14 August 2019

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