Anne Roberston

Photo of Anne RoberstonPolicy & Business Intelligence Administrator

Responsibilities include:

  • Reporting and analyzing research award and application statistics, both on a regular basis (e.g. quarterly reporting) and provision of ad hoc management information.
  • Analysis of research KPIs and trends, including both internal reporting and external benchmarking.
  • Highlighting any issues with data quality in reports from data on central systems to check that data is being accurately and consistently recorded, liaising with necessary staff to ensure data is corrected appropriately.

Anne has a BA(Hons) in Psychology and Marketing, and graduated from Strathclyde University in 2002.  She subsequently joined the University of Glasgow in 2007, leading a small team within the College Graduate School, before joining the College Research Office in April 2013.

Please contact Anne if your enquiry relates to any of the following:

  • Quarterly statistics
  • Data on research awards and applications within the College
  • Web awards for research staff (appearing on the grants tab of the staff profile)

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